309 N. Wickham, Alvord TX

I recently listed this amazing old home for sale in the sleepy little town of Alvord, Texas. Because it was built in 1921, I was entranced by its history (comedian Carol Burnett slept here) and enchanted by it’s original hard wood floors, I was immediately captivated and catapulted into a better time and a better place, somewhere back in the roaring 20’s amidst all the growing pains (and excitement) those historical days had to offer.

It seemed to me that the world was innocent back when this majestic home was created. The family who lived here must have been quite wealthy. Indeed, it was built by Mr. Adcock, who owned a chain of grocery stores. The home is a spacious 2,824 square feet, with walk-in closets in every bedroom. One certainly doesn’t see such a latter-day luxury as that in homes of this age, nor do many come with an island in the kitchen, as this one does. True, it had been somewhat updated. Both claw-foot bath tubs had showers added and the central heat and air addition was a Texas-sized life saver. But, the stairs still squeaked and the family room housed a beautiful upright piano. There was just enough left over from days-gone-by for me to imagine-and wonder-what was the family like who lived here first?

Did they gather around a piano in the family room, warmed by the wood-burning fireplace and sing songs together for entertainment? How many children filled the three spare bedrooms? Were they anxious or afraid to step outside those doors as adults, into a world of depression or prohibition? Would they become “flapper girls”, or were they destined to preach in the “Bible Belt”?

This home must hold very many memories for so many generations of people. I thought surely it could hold more than memories today. It could hold a family, or host a business. Located on a major road through town, its location is ideal for a Bed & Breakfast establishment, a photography or dance studio, or maybe even some sort of group home.

I couldn’t wait to list it for sale and see what it would become next! Will it be your home, your business, your dream come true? It could be.

Soak up the luxury of a deep-seated claw foot bath tub.
Soak up the luxury of a deep-seated claw foot bath tub.
Open to the living room, this is a fourth area ideal for recreation.
Open to the living room, this is a fourth area ideal for recreation.
Family Room
What once was old could now be new if this Family Room were to be used as a game room.

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